Serving our clients throughout their life long projects: a family tradition.
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Richa & Partners SA: our business is focusing on advising and assisting clients in managing their wealth in the most efficient way. This includes not only tax advice and planning (both at individual and corporate level), but also accounting and HR management, audit, financial planning and financial analysis.

With a solid, multidisciplinary academic and professional background, we tackle our clients’ challenges with serenity and pragmatism, convinced by the fact that simple solutions are often the key to the most complex issues, as soon as they are looked at differently, using our analytical skills. A family tradition.

Our mottos
- Be simple
- Be genuine and pragmatic
- Think differently
- Anticipate
- Be there

The client - our privileged partner.

Partnership spirit is anchored witin Richa & Partners' corporate culture, with our clients having become our privileged partners. By making ourselves available for our clients, anticipating their needs, highlighting the essential, becoming their right arm, we allow them to ease their minds and keep their ideas sound and clear.

Richa & Partners